Explorers Wanted

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RPG?

RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. In our context, it refers to a tabletop game where one player takes on the role of the Game Master, and the others make characters that live in the game world. The GM tells the story and plays all the other creatures and people that the characters encounter on their journeys, as well as serving as an arbiter of the rules. Players often roll dice to determine how effectively they do the things they want to do, and the GM tells them the resulting consequences.

What is an Actual Play podcast?

An Actual Play podcast is a recording of RPG game-play. Some shows are very deep into the actual mechanics of play, and others edit most of the mechanics out for the purpose of having a theatrical experience. Explorers Wanted tries to thread a balance between those two so that we can introduce people to the game, while also having a fulfilling story and fun character interactions.

What is Numenera?

Numenera is a science-fantasy RPG created by Monte Cook Games.

Set one billion years in the future, the game takes place in what its inhabitants refer to as the Ninth World. There have been eight prior worlds before this, and each rose to amazing technological heights before crumbling in their time. Now, in the ruins of those prior worlds, humans have returned, along with all sorts of other strange creatures and visitants. At this dawn of the Ninth World, humans find themselves surrounded by artifacts of such technological sophistication that they may as well be magic. These relics and ruins they collectively call the Numenera.

Discovery is at the heart of Numenera, and players are rewarded not for combat, but for what they learn while exploring the world and beyond.

What is the Cypher System?

The Cypher System is the game engine that powers Numenera. It is an incredibly flexible system, and forms the basis for many other games, as well as being a standalone game in its own right.

How do I listen?

You can listen to our episodes on this site, or subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

You guys have a lot of episodes. Where should I start?

If you want to listen to our epic (and complete!) first campaign, you can start at the first episode. Bear in mind that while the audio is a little rough at first the quality rapidly improves as we upgrade our equipment over the course of the first season.

If you want to jump into our second, in-progress campaign, you can jump in at season 4 with episode 182.

If you just want a taste of the show, you can listen to one of our one-shots in different systems. Our listeners seem particularly fond of our one-shots in Claim the Sky, Stars are Fire, and We Are All Mad Here.

We also have a mini-campaign of the Die RPG, which is eight episodes in length beginning with episode 174.

Who are you jokers?

A bunch of freaking nerds. We met each other through Numenera games run by Daniel at cons and online. We've been playing games together since 2018.

I want to let you know about a rule mistake you guys made.

First, that's not a question; and second: HOW DARE? If you think we got a rule wrong, it's probably because of one of Daniel's house rules, or we decided in the moment that it was better for the story to ignore it.

How can I support the podcast?

The biggest thing you can do to support us is to tell your friends about us! Like many new podcasts, we don't have an ad budget, and word of mouth is key for us to develop an audience.

The second best thing you can do for us is leave us 5-star reviews on places like Apple Podcasts, or any other place where you consume podcasts.

Can I make fan art for the show?

Hell to the yeah! We'd love to see it! Tag us on our social accounts with where to find it.

Do you have a press kit?

We do! You can find it here.

You guys are weird.

Again, this is not a question. We're starting to worrry about you.

But yes, we know.

I'm interested in being a guest on your show, or have one of you on my show. How we do dis?

Let's find out together! Slide into our DMs on the aforementioned socials or drop us a line via our contact form. NOTE: We record roughly two months in advance, so keep that in mind if you're trying to coordinate with one of your projects.