Episode 107

A Matter of the Heart


January 26th, 2022

56 mins 28 secs

Season 3

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Utter chaos engulfs the Proving Grounds, as teams of Guardians search for ChaCha.

  • Nix negotiates through a locked door with a renewed G-ma.
  • ChaCha collects some ceramics.
  • Dili and Astor go deep.

Player Intrusion:

Alex: Tandem

Your cast:

GM: Daniel
Adilabrim "Dili" Kret: Sampson
Chansey "Cha-Cha" Letoile: Alex
Nix: Stace


Theme music: Ninth World by Dave Sterling.

Innocuous by Monument Studios

Netherlight by Monument Studios

Orc Enclave by Monument Studios

Anticipation Ambience by Monument Studios

Something In the Dark by Monument Studios

Growing Whispers by Monument Studios

Ritualists by Monument Studios

Dark and Anxious by Monument Studios

Strategic Invasion by Liam Back / via Audiio

Additional sound effects and ambience by Audio Alchemist and Monument Studios.


Editing: Daniel
Transcription: Stace

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