Episode 219

Difficult Deliveries


March 6th, 2024

44 mins 47 secs

Season 4

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Ilsene and Ezri struggle to evade notice as they move their respective "cargo".

  • Magpie gets got.
  • Ilsene faces Odelie.
  • Ezri attempts to find shelter after an improvisational prison break.

Player Intrusion:

Sampson: Locomalito

Your cast:

GM: Daniel
Ilsene Vite: Sampson
Magpie: Alex
Ezri Stonebreaker: Stace


Theme music: Ninth World by Dave Sterling.

Previously On by Monument Studios

Mindhunter by Dark Fantasy Studio

In search of by Dark Fantasy Studio

Secret Agent by Dark Fantasy Studio

Icy Hybrid Buildup by Monument Studios

Taboo by Ardent Memories / via Adobe Stock

Foolish by Ardent Memories / via Adobe Stock

Marty Gots A Plan by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4992-marty-gots-a-plan
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Foreshadow by Monument Studios

Please Hear Me Out by Philip Ayers / via Adobe Stock

Old Town Loading Screen by Monument Studios

Anxiety by Monument Studios

Downtime Harp by Monument Studios

As it happened by Dark Fantasy Studio

A Hunting We Will Go by Simon / via Audiio

The Haunting by Monument Studios

Addtional sound effects and ambience by Ghosthack, Krotos, Monument Studios, and Savage.


Editing: Daniel
Transcription: Stace

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