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Player Intrusion #3: Li Ziqi with Sampson Davis

A key feature of Numenera is the GM Intrusion. With this mechanic, the GM offers a player an XP point to allow the GM to intrude on the current scene – in a way that often leads to more complications for the party. In that spirit, we include a segment called Player Intrusions in each episode. A Player Intrusion is a topic that a player would offer listeners an XP to check out.

In Episode 3 (air date April 22, 2020), Sampson Davis chose to speak about Li Ziqi. This blog post expands on his comments, transcribed here:

Daniel [GM] 01:01:20
We have a segment that we do every week called, Player Intrusions. Where we tell you about something that you should check out. This week it is Sampson's turn. Sampson what would you give our listeners one XP to check out?

Sampson [Dili] 01:01:34
I would give one XP to check out a YouTube channel called Li Ziqi, spelled L-I-Z-I-Q-I. Li Ziqi is a woman's name, she is a Chinese food blogger and her channel consists of 5 to 10 minute videos showing her from the harvesting of ingredients to her and her grandmother eating them. These traditional Chinese meals using traditional ingredients. And the video is like super chill, she doesn't talk or acknowledge the camera at all. So there's no real language barrier to deal with and it's just beautifully shot. Naturalistic. The farm is super cool that you see because it's all natural ingredients. I think everything is growing on this farm like every food that can be eaten by humans. And what isn't grown is found in the woods nearby. So you see it from ground up, everything made from scratch. Super chill if you need a new brand of wholesome content in your life. I would recommend Li Ziqi.

I had to know more, so I cornered Sampson on Discord and asked him the hard questions.

Q: How did you find Li Ziqi?

A: I first heard of Li Ziqi during a Game Grumps episode (I don't remember which one) and thought it sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot.

Q: Do you have a favorite episode? If yes, then which one is it?

A: My favorite ones are probably So this video called the life of chilli? chopped chili fish head,red oil sheet jelly| Liziqi Channel and 蒜的一生,实在想不出有创意的名字了!下次你们帮我想!The life of garlic~, mostly because I enjoy those main ingredients.

Q: Is there another show where you think there would be some fan crossover (kind of like, if you’re a fan of this you’ll be a fan of Li Ziqi)?

A: I've never before seen a food channel like this, so I can't think of any fan crossover. All I can say for sure is if you like food channels where it's not necessary to know the exact recipe, then you'll likely enjoy Li Ziqi.

Coming soon: Player Intrusion #4: 7 Wonders with Marietta Jones.

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