Stace Babcock

Co-Host of Explorers Wanted

Stace is the proud servant of two cats. Her driving goal is to become a Space Marine. While awaiting the formation of the Space Marine Corps, Stace plays a lot of video games and is the PvP healer you wish you knew. Otherwise, Stace enjoys books and television shows that are high on action and low on plot.

Stace prefers tabletop RPG characters that hit stuff good. True to type, she plays Nix, a Confident Glaive who Needs No Weapons.

Nix - a tall green haired woman wearing a bright blue coat walks confidently towards the camera, cracking her scarred knuckles. You can see a hint of a geometric tattoo peeking out above her neckline. Her right leg is fully clothed in brown pants and a very fine boot. Her left leg is exposed at mid-thigh and appears to be a metal prosthetic with jade green seams. She smiles widely and you can just see serpent fangs.

Character art by @kisunuki.

Stace Babcock has hosted 103 Episodes.